Sanda House, the oldest building in Orford, is heritage listed with the original sandstone kitchen, (now the Rose Room) built in 1838. The main house, built in 1840 from local field and sandstone, is known locally as the old Post Office (1876-1940). Nestled on an acre of land, away from highway noise, the property features a 20 tree orchard, cottage garden, chickens and a kitchen vegetable garden. The house, whilst in town, remains very private and steeped in history. This heritage listed farm house also features a lovely garden with a variety of native birds and beautiful flowers.

Over its 176+ years, the fine sandstone house has settled comfortably in the centre of the garden, orchard and vegetable patch. The result is a property that surrounds visitors with an easy-going atmosphere of warmth and friendliness. The garden encapsulates the essence of a country cottage garden with beautiful trees, sweeping lawns and a huge variety of flowering plants.