Our Gardens & Produce

Sanda House sits on half a hectare (one acre) of land and comprises a 20 tree orchard, veggie garden, cottage gardens and a native garden section. Around the house a range of beautiful roses have been planted along with an assortment of cottage flowers and shrubs. In late Winter/early Spring the garden is alive with flowering bulbs and tree blossoms. In summer you can enjoy strolling through the orchard picking your own apples, pears, apricots, plums and cherries straight from the tree, or just kick back, smell the roses and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Veggie Garden & Orchard
The half hectare property features a small ‘kitchen veggie garden’ dating back decades as well as several newer raised beds. Here fresh seasonal organic produce is grown for the breakfasts.

Our Chickens
Also in the back section of the property is a chicken coop and when they are laying, provide eggs for the breakfasts. Our chickens are fed only high quality layers’ pellets along with fresh garden scraps and left over fruit from the breakfasts. Our eggs are fresh and golden yellow.

Located in the front garden, the firepit is a great place to sit and mingle with other guests.